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The Slender Man was discovered in a Forum on the internet about lost children. The Forum collected photos of the missing children, in case that might help finding them again. The children had disappeared out of the blue, and never again found. When looking at these "last photos" of the lost children, something really spooky was discovered. On many of the photos, a tall looking "man" in a suit, were seen in the background. Always in the distance, hiding behind trees or in foggy areas. It appears as very tall man with no face, wearing a black suit, and with tentacles out his back. He got the name "Slender Man", because of "his" very long arms and legs and tentacles. These are some of the photos:



Very little is known about the Slender Man, except that he shows up in these photos of lost children, just before they mysteriously disappeared. The stories tell, that he lives in the forest, and kidnap children. He is very tall, and is able to stretch his limps to inhumane lengths. If you notice him, he will stalk you till he gets you! When he gets close, you will get headaches and might cough up blood. Insanity and/or memory loss might follow too. Why he is here, where he came from, or what his purpose is, is yet unknown. Only very little documentary is found on the Slender Man. There are only written reports from resent years, but very old scripts from Germany, have pictures of knights fighting a skeleton looking creature with a weird face and long arms and legs.


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There are a lot of other rumors and stories going around the internet about the Slender Man, but most of them are pure fiction and has NO evidence or facts building the claims. Also a LOT of fake edited photos are found with a simple Google search, so don't believe it all. One theory is interesting however. Some UFO sighting pages have very similar creatures in their photos, and therefore believe the Slender Man to be of alien origin.

Most other content about the Slender Man, is as mentioned earlier, pure fiction. Like comics, games and movies:


User that revolve around Slenderman. The three video series tend to be referred to as, The Big Three. Surviving subject placed organ bag within backpack. Attack followed several games Slender minutes later after a, low children's laugh, like a giggle. How do I get Slender Game? Surviving subject ran until he reached his vehicle. Subject then drove to assumed safety. On September 30th 2009, YouTube user, brett824, made a parody video in reference to the Marble Hornets’ series. How do I get Slender Game? Referencing how many of the entries lacked audio, it featured the 2009 song, $20 dollars, by Ron Browz., Slender Men, would become a joke about Slender Man’s real motivation for chasing people. On July 26th 2011, Notch, Minecraft’s creator, posted on his Google + account a screenshot of his game featuring new monsters that will appear in an upcoming update. How do you download Slender Man pictures, Notch stated that the mob’s name would be Enderman as a reference after someone, user drop zone, coined the name, Slender Man. Elder Productions are keeping their cards very close to the pictures of Slender Man chest about this game. Although they released a pretty impressive teaser trailer this week, that and a Slender, The Game few screenshots are about all the information we have about this project. Victor Surge: I’ve been a goon for about four years, but I’ve lurked in the forums since ‘99. I’m not a large poster, but I spent a few years, where to get The Game Slender? EVE Online’s goon fleet and spend a lot of time reading threads in the forums. I don’t spent a lot of active time on the Internet since The Slender Games usually have a lot of real-life stuff going on. The indie game developer group Green Meteor Team submitted an adventure game featuring Slender Man images, as the primary antagonist to a game competition of 64Digits. How do you download Slender Man pictures, the gaming blog Rock Paper Shotgun published a post titled, Slender Delivers Scares From Internet’s Darkest Depths, which praised Slender by comparing it to the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Where can I get Slender, The Game? On the following day, the gaming blogs PC Gamer and Kotaku reported on the game, providing links to mirrored downloads due to Parsec Productions’ website outage. Users started Photoshopping images by adding fake games Slender ghosts and other bizarre figures, usually accompanied by a fake back story to make them seem authentic. They are also reported to have some kind of mind-control power that makes Slender Game have memory loss when they look away after seeing them, which is quite similar to the abilities shown by The Operator, Slender Man pictures and Marble Hornets’ own version of the Slender Man myth. He also gained added appendages, which sprout from his side like tree limbs. Where to get Slender Game and UFO site adds, Once his arms are outstretched, Slender Man’s victims are put into something of a hypnotized state, where they are utterly helpless to stop themselves from walking into them. How do I download Slender, The Games: Slender Man is also able to create tendrils from his fingers and back that he uses to walk. Noah's grandfather, Karl, also grew up in a German community near the Slender Men, that used folktales of the, Great Man, who supposedly lived in the woods, to frighten their children into obedience. Where to get The Game Slender? It should be noted, however, that Karl did not have a direct encounter with Mr. Tall, Dark and Faceless until adulthood. His behavior also factors into it. Finally, the main fact is he is completely unable to be described in human terms. How do I get Slender Game? While a description in words can be given Slender, The Game human language lacks the ability to truly define the entity until such a time as when humans can interact with him.

Game of Slender Man videos, both blogs and video-logs get hijacked for an episode or two by an antagonist or a Trickster Mentor, although rarely by Slender Man himself. Invoked by Dr. Cairo, who staged fearful X benefactor's hijacking on Slender Man images and his blog to keep people distracted. Where to get Slender Game? Other than that the game play remains similar to that of the original Slender by Parsec Productions, collect items and don’t get caught by the Slenderman. Where can I get Slender, The Game? Slender Man has also spawned many philosophical and theoretical cults made up of uninfluenced but aware individuals, such as in Dark Harvest. Also from Marble Hornets: Video distortion occurring whenever Slendy or one of his agents is close at hand, sometimes going as far as happening The Slender Games whenever he comes into frame, it's a useful tool since distortion can be used to hide many of the obviously fake aspects of whatever prop or costume is being pictures of Slender Man in that series. How do you download Slender Man pictures, what with Slender Man's behind-the-scenes style making it where both the characters and readers don't realize that he's involved in certain situations until much later. Death of the victim originally occurred through an odd means- the victim would be impaled on branches of very tall trees while still alive, and bleed to death. The Slender Game would be individually removed, then placed in plastic bags. Where can I get Slender, The Game? It’s very early in the development but this has the potential to be a really good game, provided they are careful not to rely on staged scare moments, games Slender as the trailer seemed to, and be sure to include the unpredictable that we have all grown to love from our beloved friend Slendy. They would then be replaced into the body in their Slender Man images of original positions, plus the plastic bags. The victims' corpses do not show any sign of a struggle. As Slender, The Game time has gone on, this practice has seemingly been abandoned.