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These Sega Mega Drive & Sega Genesis game-files are for use in Fusion - Download Fusion HERE, if you have not done so already.
You may ONLY download them if you are the rightful owner of the real games. Arcade Games Web take no responsibility for unauthorized use!


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Afterburner 2                                     Alisia Dragoon                                      Altered Beast

American Gladiators                            Andre Agassi Tennis                         Arnold Palmer - Tournament Golf

Back to the Future - Part 3              Barbie Super Model                         Batman - Revenge of the Joker

Beavis and Butt-head                              Bonanza Bros                                   Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bubba 'n' Stix                                        Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble                Cannon Fodder

Castlevania - New Generation        Championship Pool                         Chaos Engine

Chuck Rock                                      Cool Spot                                         Daffy Duck in Hollywood

Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf        Donald Duck in Quack Shot            Dragon - the Bruce Lee Story

Dune - the Battle for Arrakis            Ecco the Dolphin                                  European Club Soccer.

F-1 World Championship                F-22 Interceptor                                Fantastic Dizzy

FIFA Soccer 1996                                       Flintstones                                         Forgotten Worlds

Galaxy Force 2                                  Gauntlet 4                                          Gods

Hard Drivin'                                            Home Alone                                      Indiana Jones - the Last Crusade

James Pond 2 - RoboCod                John Madden NFL                                   Jurassic Park 2 - the Lost World

King of the Monsters                            Mega SWIV                                       Mega Turrican

Mickey Mouse - Fantasia                Might and Magic 3 - Isles of Terra   NBA Jam

NHL Hockey                                      Pac-Mania                                             Road Rash 2

Robocop vs The Terminator            Rugby 95                                               Samurai Shodown

Scooby Doo Mystery                Shining Force                                   Sonic the Hedgehog

Toejam & Earl                                       Top Gear 2                                Virtua Fighter 2

Wonder-Boy 3 - Monster Lair