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Donkey Kong games and Arcades - A classic character from both Arcades & Console games



Donkey Kong (ドンキーコング Donkī-Kongu) is an arcade game, featuring a large ape called Donkey Kong, created by "Shigeru Miyamoto". It has 2 different game series, plus spin-off titles in various genres.
The games of the 1st series, are single-screen platform/action types, with Donkey Kong as the bad guy, and Mario as the good guy, fighting each other in an industrial construction environment. The original Donkey Kong game was actually the first appearance of Mario, pre-dating the Super Mario series by many years.
The 2nd series, the Donkey Kong Country / Land series, are featuring Donkey Kong and his clan in native jungles, against different types of enemies. These are side-scrolling platform games, and not single-screens like the 1st series. The Donkey Kong character in these series, is a grandchild of the title character from the original Donkey Kong games.
Besides these two series, there are Donkey Konga, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, which are different types of games.
Characters from the Donkey Kong series have appeared in other Nintendo titles, like the Smash Bros and the Mario Kart series. Donkey Kong is very recognizable and popular.

Donkey Kong was created by "Shigeru Miyamoto" and the game was a major breakthrough for Nintendo, and for the whole arcade game industry. The machine was becoming one of the best-selling arcade machines of the 1980s. The game play was a great improvement compared to other games of that time, and with the growing base of arcades halls all over the world, it gained a huge distribution. In 1981 however, Falcon created a clone of Donkey Kong, known as "Crazy Kong" for distribution in non-US markets.

Original Donkey Kong game:
MCA Universal Studios sued Nintendo for copyright violations, claiming that Donkey Kong was a copy of "King Kong". Nintendo's lawyer "Howard Lincoln", who would later go on to become a Senior Vice President of Nintendo, discovered that Universal Studio actually didn't own the copyright to King Kong either, and he was able to win the lawsuit plus several court appeals, and get Universal Studios to pay the legal costs. Ironically, Universal Studios previously won a lawsuit, declaring King Kong was in the public domain. The case was a huge victory for Nintendo, which was still a newcomer on the US market at the time. The case established Nintendo's position as a major company in the industry, and gave the confidence to compete with the giants of American media. The case is selected no. 20 on Game Spys "Top 25 stupidest moments in gaming".
Due to the success of Donkey Kong, Nintendo (USA) was able to grow and release more games in the following years, and got the resources necessary to release the Nintendo 8-bit System in the US.
Nintendo officially trademarked the phrase "It's on like Donkey Kong" on November 10. 2010, with the release of "Donkey Kong Country - Returns".

Sequels and remakes:
Donkey Kong spawned 2 sequels, but neither of them were gained the same popularity as the original arcade game. In "Donkey Kong Junior", Donkey Kong was kidnapped by Mario, and the player would control his son Donkey Kong Jr., who was sent to rescue him. In "Donkey Kong 3", Donkey Kong broke into a greenhouse, but was chased out by Stanley the Bugman, who had a spray-can to protect his greenhouse from insects. Also a music-based game called "Donkey Kong - no Ongaku Asobi" was planned to be released, but was cancelled. Another title "Return of Donkey Kong" was planned as a sequel, but was cancelled too. Throughout the 80s, 8 Donkey Kong games were released, and in 1994 an LCD-based game was released for "Nelsonic Game Watch". Coleco got Donkey Kong as official cartridge-pack for all Coleco Vision consoles. This version was a near-perfect arcade port, and it helped boosting the popularity of the console greatly. By Christmas 1982, Coleco had sold more than 500,000 consoles with the Donkey Kong bundle. In 1994, Nintendo made a sequel for the Game Boy, by the name of Donkey Kong. Some of the levels were based on the original Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior games. But the Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior & Pauline character designs were updated. In a recent interview for the Nintendo Magazine UK, "Shigeru Miyamoto" said that the original Donkey Kong game was actually developed as a Popeye game, but the characters was changed because Nintendo couldn't get the Popeye license.