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Emulators are small programs that enables your PC to play games that were originally made for Arcade Machines or Consoles. Once installed, go to the Games page, and download the games you want.


Emulates: Computer Hardware, for use of running different Operating Systems.


VirtualBox Windows USB!


How to install VirtualBox on a USB Stick and Run any Operating System from it.

Operating systems are not machine specific anymore. Sometimes you may need an operating system to be portable, so you can run it on any computer anywhere.
VirtualBox makes this possible and easy. All you need is to download VirtualBox, and to get a USB Stick with at least 8GB Ram if you want to Run Windows XP, and 16GB is you want to run Windows 7. (20+GB is however recommended for Vista/Win7)

1. Download Portable-VirtualBox

2. Extract, run the set up file, and install the program on your USB Stick.

3. Select 32 bit or 64 bit system. You can choose to compress the files to save some space.

4. Click "Download Installation file for Virtualbox".

5. VirtualBox is now being downloaded and installed.

6. After installation, open your removable drive, and you should see the VirtualBox icon. Double click it, and you should see the usual VirtualBox start wizard.
Complete the wizard, then you are done installing the Portable VirtualBox program.
Now you can install the OS you want on the USB Stick too.

Create a virtual hard disk on the USB Stick in the size you want, and install any operating system you like.

You can now run the OS from any computer anywhere, plus your OS doesn't take up any space at all on your computer.