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Emulators are small programs that enables your PC to play games that were originally made for Arcade Machines or Consoles. Once installed, go to the Games page, and download the games you want.


M.A.M.E. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)
Emulates: All kinds of Arcade Machines from different manufactures.

Download - Mame-UI (32-bit)
(Windoes: XP/Vista/Win7 32-bit)

Download - Mame-UI (64-bit)
(Windoes: XP/Vista/Win7 64-bit)


More are coming soon!



MAME-UI installation guide:

MAME is the most compatible and capable arcade emulator for multiple machines. There is a large community of developers, working to add new drivers for games. MAME was originally a DOS program, but Mame-UI is the Windows port of MAME. This tutorial is just a quick "get started" guide, not a complete manual.
Mame-UI comes in two versions: "Mame-UI64" and "Mame-UI32". MameUI64 is for the 64-bit version of Windows, and MameUI32 is for the 32-bit version of Windows.
extract the content of the downloaded zip-package to any directory you like. e.g.: "C:\Emulators\".. The package contains all files already inside the "MameUI32" or "MameUI64" directory, so this will be created automatically.

Placement & Installation:
I suggest you make a new folder called "Emulators" on your "C:" drive. You don't have to, but it makes things a little easier if you are not a computer geek. When the zip-package is extracted, go the the folder, and double-click the "MameUI32.exe" or "Mame64.exe" to start the program.
Browse the "All Games" folder!
When the program is running, click the "All Games" folder. Skim through this list. This is the -full- list. (Mame-UI doesn't come with these games! You need to download them this site separately! GAMES page) Most of the games are listed several times.
If you want to play the parent of a game (top of the stack), then all you need to do is download the parent. If you want to play one of special or localized versions, you need to download that version AND the main game as well. As you may have already noticed, arcade game zip files are all abbreviated. These abbreviations are shown in this list too, move the scroll bar to the right to see them.
*Never extract the contents of a game zip-package, because MAME uses the zip file itself.
*Never rename a game zip-package, because its MAME list's that exact name when detecting it.

Loading a game
Click on the Available folder and double-click on the game you which to play. Your first screen will say something about the game, just press any key to continue. Sometimes you have to wait a couple moments for the game to start.
When adding new games: just drag them into the "\ROMs" folder the the MAME installation folder, and Mame-UI will auto-detect them when you open the program again. If it doesn't, just press F5 to refresh, or go to File, Audit all games.

Enabling a game pad
Your game pad must be plugged in before you open Mame-UI.
1. Click on the Options menu then Default Game Options.
2. The "Default Game Properties" will pop-up. Click on the "Controllers" tab.
3. Check the box next to "Enable joystick input". If this option is shaded out, Mame-UI is not detecting your gamepad.
4. Click on Apply and OK.
That's it.